bea (boolpropbea) wrote,

uh oh, spaghetti o!

hi guys.

i know, i'm alive!

this is gonna be kind of a short update- the lovely katu who has been hosting my sims pictures & downloads for the last few years has had to clean out her hosting. i was freeloading on her space for so long, she was amazing to let me host stuff there for as long as she did!

unfortunately this means that some (read: almost ALL) of my images will be disappearing / showing up as broken links in the next few days / weeks.

i have copies of everything downloaded onto my machine, but i'm not sure whether or not i'll find the time (or energy) to reupload everything and then fix all of my posts here.

i will reupload all of my downloads, etc, and share them on my tumblr + dreamwidth (links to come), but it is likely that all of my images will not be updated at livejournal, at least.

sorry for any inconvenience! watch this space for any further updates re: images.
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