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Farraway Legacy 1.3

I should have posted here as well as on my tumblr that I'm going to be sparse for a bit; I'm back at uni for my final semester. However, I am visiting home for the weekend so if I don't get any simming done, at the very least I can post this update! It's been a while since I played it, so some of my commentary may be a bit off.. but better late than never!

The house is a mess, the toddlers are unhappy.. I just can't win!

However, I'm working on that whole 'skilling' thing. ;)

Proof Ericka is still around.

Gaming is still taken very seriously in this household.

Alfred is probably the most successful member of the household at this point.

Shh, shh, it's not cheating. They came by those points honestly!

The family that skills/plays together..?

:( Poor Jeeves is having a hard toddlerhood, despite all the attention.

On the other hand, Alfred's life is peachy.

Ericka - the sim voted most likely to perpetually stalk her wife.

This picture is a reminder for myself to snag up this townie teen and get her in here somehow! I want redheaded kids!

Used some extra money to pimp out the crib a little bit - Jeeves gets his own room, the living room gets an upgrade.

RUDE. First you fail to stop a burglar, then you keep coming home with Ericka trying to wreck her marriage, now you actually stoop to stealing their money! What next?

Birthday time! And everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief...

On reviewing these pictures, Jeeves looks a lot like Alfred! I think he might be a better mix of Lucy and Ericka though.

He's a cutie-patootie, too.

The family that stuffs their face together..?

Another person to get into the legacy!

Oh, no. :(


Luckily there is a distraction - Alfred's turn to grow up!

And isn't he a looker!

To be honest, I have no guarantee when I'll be able to play again .. but I will try and certainly keep everyone updated. :) I hope everyone is well!
Tags: # farraway legacy: all, # farraway legacy: generation one

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