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Farraway Legacy 1.1

Another update super soon because I was having so much fun playing.. I didn't want to stop! This one is also pretty short, but I like them that way. I'm gonna try and wean away from explaining all of the images, as well.

On a related note: I have remade the photoshop action I used to use for the sims and applied it to this update. Critique / criticism welcome! I am by no means a photoshop master and I am looking for feedback on this. Does it look oversaturated? Are my images oversharpened? Please, let me know!

That's better. At least you're not ignoring each other.

Updated shots of the legacy shack after Ericka's moolah joins the family.

Ericka Wynn
LTW: To become a Rock God (same as Lucy's!)
Another sloppy / lazy sim. :( I'm going to die in a pile of their filth.

See? It's a match made in heaven.

Burglar: Shit.

Burglar: Oh well, might as well steal something for my jail cell! #YOLO
NOOO, not the TV. :(

Ericka, most people look upset during burglaries + fights.


Dear diary. Last night our house was robbed. I think it was that old guy I met once. I hate that guy.

Lucy finally got a job in the same field as her LTW!

(Also, adventures in chance cards. I normally skip them but I've decided that for this legacy I'm going to try and push myself out of my comfortable simming 'box'!)
I chose duck tape because that is always the answer.


Without the TV, we had to get creative on ways to keep their 'fun' up.

Boom. Keep it comin' ladies. :)

Pop! Sproglets on the way!

Lucy Farraway & her first pregnancy: the definition of same shit, different day.

Pop 2, as she swoons over her girlfriend.

Speaking of 'girlfriend'...

The quickest engagement + wedding, in the history of my sim game.

Cube to cube, of course!

YESSS, 2 for 2!

Some things never change (like the disgusting counter top).

Baby time!

/sigh of relief
Just one.

It's a boy! I named him Alfred.
He has Ericka's skin (S2 I think) and eyes (gray)!

The life of a legacy child, condemned to a crib in the living room.

That's all for now, folks. I'm going to keep venturing forward. Since Alfred is (so far) a clone of Ericka, I'm really hoping he'll get elf ears as he grows up!
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