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random spam - pleasant & broke family

for those of you not on tumblr, here is what i've been up to since my game crashed and i reinstalled! a lot of these pictures are VERY crunchy because i didn't have photoshop reinstalled (i do now), and i think you'll note a serious difference once i have it back. the sharpen algorithm on gimp just isn't that great, in my opinion. anyway! enjoy!

toddler!beau is the cutest thing ever, though.

he's pretty cute as a kid though, too. :)

(oops, i forgot about that particular gap in that mesh.)

i've never had a teen get acne before! i got really excited when i saw this. :)

aaaand, this is where i get photoshop back.

ryan grew up! (oh, did i mention his name is ryan?)

like mother, like daughter.

thanks for reading!
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