bea (boolpropbea) wrote,

happy christmas!

hey everyone! remember me?

after losing my game and all of my downloads + being at college, i was just too discouraged to really reinstall and build up my folder again. it was very upsetting and i just put the game aside for a bit. but, as some of you who follow my simblr may have seen, i got inspired a few days ago and reinstalled and i've been working on my downloads ever since!

i no longer have any of my stuff packs & eps beyond NL, Seasons and Uni, and i'll have to find a way to get them.. but in the meantime, at least i can play. i'm almost certain i have the disks for Pets somewhere, but the real question is .. where!

expect to see some spam from me soon. :) well, for a little bit anyway. i'm going to be studying abroad in england for six months and won't be able to sim when i'm there -- but i should be around in the community nonetheless. i leave in early january (i know that isn't too long!) and i should be back sometime in july.

happy christmas, all you wonderful people. 
Tags: !holiday, !love, !personal, !random

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