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uh oh, spaghetti o!

hi guys.

i know, i'm alive!

this is gonna be kind of a short update- the lovely katu who has been hosting my sims pictures & downloads for the last few years has had to clean out her hosting. i was freeloading on her space for so long, she was amazing to let me host stuff there for as long as she did!

unfortunately this means that some (read: almost ALL) of my images will be disappearing / showing up as broken links in the next few days / weeks.

i have copies of everything downloaded onto my machine, but i'm not sure whether or not i'll find the time (or energy) to reupload everything and then fix all of my posts here.

i will reupload all of my downloads, etc, and share them on my tumblr + dreamwidth (links to come), but it is likely that all of my images will not be updated at livejournal, at least.

sorry for any inconvenience! watch this space for any further updates re: images.
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Farraway Legacy 1.5

I played through this pretty quick, mostly because I had a lot already going on and it was just plowing through to the next set of birthdays. I'm starting to realize that maybe I take ages on playing generations, probably because I take pictures of everything, so I'll try and be better about that! I'm excited since we're getting near heir time; I'll put up a poll then.

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Farraway Legacy 1.4

So, confession time: I've actually had this update ready for ages, so you probably saw some or most of it on my tumblr.. But in the interest of actually having it collected somewhere, I'm going to post it now. (And also because I'm about to boot up my game and I feel guilty playing further than what I've posted.) Since I played this update so long ago, I can't really remember people's names. :( My bad!

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Farraway Legacy 1.3

I should have posted here as well as on my tumblr that I'm going to be sparse for a bit; I'm back at uni for my final semester. However, I am visiting home for the weekend so if I don't get any simming done, at the very least I can post this update! It's been a while since I played it, so some of my commentary may be a bit off.. but better late than never!

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Farraway Legacy 1.2

Happy holidays and a happy new year to everyone! I hope 2015 is just as amazing (or better) than 2014 was. 2015 is going to be an exciting year for me.. I'm graduating from college in May (if all goes well) and I'll be taking a year off before applying for graduate school. It's strange to think that when I first got into this community, I was still in middle school and had no idea that I would even go to college. I hope to still be in the community for years to come!

I've been sitting on this update for a little while so some of these pictures might be old for those who follow me on tumblr. :)

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Farraway Legacy 1.1

Another update super soon because I was having so much fun playing.. I didn't want to stop! This one is also pretty short, but I like them that way. I'm gonna try and wean away from explaining all of the images, as well.

On a related note: I have remade the photoshop action I used to use for the sims and applied it to this update. Critique / criticism welcome! I am by no means a photoshop master and I am looking for feedback on this. Does it look oversaturated? Are my images oversharpened? Please, let me know!

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Farraway Legacy 1.0

Now that I've reinstalled my sims game (at long last) and started recollecting CC, I began reading over old legacies that I used to follow. Unfortunately most of the people I know have since retired or left the sims community, leaving me with a gap in what to read! Still, I was enticed by the idea of doing my own legacy. I've made numerous attempts but never truly started from the very beginning (legacy shack and all). This is my first real attempt at a legacy. So.. here we go!

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random spam - pleasant & broke family

for those of you not on tumblr, here is what i've been up to since my game crashed and i reinstalled! a lot of these pictures are VERY crunchy because i didn't have photoshop reinstalled (i do now), and i think you'll note a serious difference once i have it back. the sharpen algorithm on gimp just isn't that great, in my opinion. anyway! enjoy!

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happy christmas!

hey everyone! remember me?

after losing my game and all of my downloads + being at college, i was just too discouraged to really reinstall and build up my folder again. it was very upsetting and i just put the game aside for a bit. but, as some of you who follow my simblr may have seen, i got inspired a few days ago and reinstalled and i've been working on my downloads ever since!

i no longer have any of my stuff packs & eps beyond NL, Seasons and Uni, and i'll have to find a way to get them.. but in the meantime, at least i can play. i'm almost certain i have the disks for Pets somewhere, but the real question is .. where!

expect to see some spam from me soon. :) well, for a little bit anyway. i'm going to be studying abroad in england for six months and won't be able to sim when i'm there -- but i should be around in the community nonetheless. i leave in early january (i know that isn't too long!) and i should be back sometime in july.

happy christmas, all you wonderful people. 
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sad news & technobabble

Hey everyone.

I promise there has been a reason for the radio silence on my part for the last month or so. I've been having serious problems with my gaming computer (oh, will the humanity ever end) and it ended up with a clean install of a new operating system. Unfortunately, this means that I lost everything. I lost the entirety of the hood, all of Mars Valley (my quasi-BACC), my main hoods, and my downloads. I wasn't able to save anything. Understandably, I'm devastated, but determined to make the most of it; I definitely plan to reinstall my games and keep playing, and rebuild my downloads folder!

It may take me a while, but I'm still here and I'll definitely be around. If you don't follow me already, I recommend following me on tumblr for the time being, so you can see what I'm reblogging & downloading. Also, please give me a friend at dreamwidth. I'll still be crossposting everything here and checking LJ regularly, so no need to move - I just also use DW regularly for RP, so I'm very familiar with it!

I adore you all and I hope everyone is well.


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